A blast from the Past ~ Me 9 Years ago!

Nine years ago...I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just taken my first job (out of college), my boyfriend of almost 4 years had broken up with me, and I had moved to a new town (for the job). It was an emotional time for me, mostly because all my plans went out the window. I had thought I would marry this boyfriend and I was working toward finding a job where I could move back closer to where he lived.

But all that changed. I had to redefine who I was and what I wanted. It reminds me of how I've recently been changing my life. So what did I do? Lots of things!

I moved on with my life. I bought my first house and made it my own.

I taught myself to rollerblade! I never had rollerblades as a kid (we had dirt roads) and I didn't think I could be athletic because of my asthma. But that didn't stop me. After I got the hang of skates, I went to the doctor to get preventative asthma medication. And I signed up for a marathon. A real marathon...26.2 miles....on skates! I'd skate 10-15 miles a day on an abandoned railroad track. It was awesome!

That's me just about to cross the finish line! My little backpack contained food! Classic me!

Then winter came, and I bought my first cross country skis...and taught myself to ski. :) I skiied every night in an old rock quarry. Similar to today, I soon found myself underweight....I had hit 104 pounds when I finally decided enough was enough. But back then my solution was to eat all kinds of greasy, ishy things and I put on a comfortable 5-6 pounds. Unfortunately, that diet stuck for awhile.

All the while I was set up on Sooooo many blind dates. They were fun, and I learned a lot about myself by going on so many dates. This part always bothers my husband, but I was a young, single girl. A traveling sales girl at that. I had a lot of clients and they liked me. Everyone wanted to set me up with their son, their brother, their friend. It was a fun time. And it helped me to realize that I didn't need any of them. I could be A-okay on my own. I am so glad I learned that lesson!

I threw myself into my job and had my most successful sales year ever! I did so well that I started getting raises and promotions left and right. I won contests (free sewing machine, lawn mower, washer/dryer, and money, wahoo!). I even won a trip to the Bahamas....which I subsequently forfeited in order to take a promotion (and a move back to where I started).

Somewhere in the midst of finding myself, my ex-boyfriend re-found me. We started dating again, I took the promotion back to his area, bought my second house, and we got engaged. So we did get married after all? Now that's the craziest part!

But as I dusted off my rollerblades for the first time in almost 6 years, I thought about the marathon. It had been my greatest accomplishment. And it was fun! It made me think of how I react to adversity. Sometimes (okay a lot of times) bad things happen, and I usually throw myself out there, push myself to new limits, and end up having the time of my life.

Now, I'm running! Yes, RUNNING! I would have never guessed it could happen. I might even make it through a triathlon someday. I can do handstands!! Come on!! And I'm taking risks I wouldn't have considered before. I went on a cruise. I'm going to see Italy. I'm even willing to venture back to Africa (Egypt this time!). Just opening myself up to risks has opened me up to so many new adventures. And I'm thankful for it.


Lisa said...

Wow, I'm out of breath just reading about it! lol

Let's see... Nine years ago I was....
pregnant with baby #5 and had been married 14 years!

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

amanda said...

I loved reading this! What a great motivator...
almost makes me want to dig out my running shoes

thatgirlblogs said...

subscribed to your blog and loving it...

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,
I think your story is inspirational. Sometimes you need to step back and figure out which direction you should go next. Let's see, nine years ago I was 7 months pregnant with my first son. It was a very exciting time for us but, 5 years before that, my husband and I too broke up after 5 years of dating. It was devastating but here we are, married for 12 years with 4 beautiful children. It all works out.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Lucy :)

Xenia said...

What a great story! And wow, that's a ton of rollerblading, I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Love your story...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story! Love your blog (I'm following now!)

Anonymous said...

Angela, I honestly didn't think I could like you anymore and after reading this, I do. I like you even more. Congrats on facing adversity and winning!

Angela said...

Thank you everyone! Man, I look like a nerd in that picture. Helmet and wrist guards. Blah. :)

Oh wait...I still look like a nerd. lol

My hope is that it inspires others to get out there and do something great (even if great means making the best angel food cake of your life! Just do it!)

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