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Have you ever wondered what your blog looks like to others? I once read a review of my blog where the person wrote that they were inundated with pop-ups the entire time. What??

I don't have any pop-up or pop-under software embedded in my blog. What was happening? What about when your site is down? Or does your site take an incredibly long time to load?

One of my favorite blogs takes an incredibly long time to load. I've struggled with whether or not to visit the site, but have stuck it out. According to most sources, long load time causes a big loss in readers. I wonder if she knows her site takes so long to load? Well...now we can know all of those answers. And for FREE!

Do you remember my Got Free Cards review? Well, the same people that run Got Free Cards, have 247webmonitoring.com.

I just signed up for free website monitoring and am awaiting the results. I'll update this post when I have more information.

What do they monitor? When your site is down, they will email you an alert. Then they email you again when it's up and running. They also keep track of how long it takes for your pages to load. All useful information!

What do you have to give in order to get this information? Just your url. They will give you all this free web monitoring for absolutely nothing. Now, of course, they do have a premium upgrade and you can look into that if you feel it's necessary for your website.

Go check it out and have your website monitored. Now we just need to know what to do about a slow or shut down site. ;)

Just so you know...I wasn't paid or given anything to mention 24 7 Monitoring (or Got Free Cards for that matter.) They just asked if I'd take a look at their sites and share what I thought. They do tend to sponsor giveaways though, so maybe we'll see something from them in the future. :)

I'll tweet when I update this post, so you can see my experiences with website monitoring and find out how slow my blog really is (or maybe you already know, lol.)


Grissell said...

Your page loads pretty quick. Love it!


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