10,000 Steps a Day!

When two pedometers arrived in my mailbox the other day, I took it as a hint. Over the last year, I have accumulated 7 pedometers. All arrived at my home, through no effort of my own. But I believe all things happen for a reason, so I decided to slap one on today. I've also decided to give my other 6 to random friends and/or strangers. :)

I'm sure you've seen the commercials recommending we get 10,000 steps per day. I've always wondered how many steps I take, so today I mapped it out and even kept a record of my activity.

Here's a rundown of my day (try not to fall asleep...my days can be a little lame.)

>>Made breakfast and got my son ready for Kindergarten
>>Walked son to bus stop
>>Checked my email
>>Took daughter to dance class (I sat and watched)
>>Stopped at a grocery store
>>Unloaded groceries and made lunch
>>Picked son up at bus stop
>>Pruned raspberry canes, picked cherry tomatoes, and put kids summer toys away
>>Ran 4 miles
>>Ate snack with kids
>>Kids helped me swap out summer flowers for fall flowers
>>Went into the forest to mark maple trees for winter tapping (just 7, no biggee)
>>Attended to my wounded leg (thank you prickly ash)
>>Rested on porch with kids
>>Talked on phone with friend
>>Made dinner
>>Washed dishes
>>Took out trash
>>Played video game with son (no harassment please! I know it's supposed to be bad but it's such a great reading motivator for my son)
>>Gave kids a bath, read stories, and sent them to bed
>>Checked my email and wrote a blog review
>>Watched a movie with my husband

Why did I bore you with such details? Because this is a normal day, except that I didn't do much cleaning (my husband would respond that's obvious!!) Except for the 4 mile run, I don't think most mom's schedules differ that much. But I don't know. Maybe a mystery pedometer will arrive in your mailbox, and then you'll be able to check for sure.

So how many steps did I take in this "regular day - minus any real cleaning?"  23,371 Seriously? Okay, I searched online and found out that 2000 steps equals 1 mile, so I walked (or ran) 11.68 miles today.

I was surprised by that! I felt like a rested a bunch today (or at least sat a bunch.) But I'm notoriously inefficient. When I'm gardening, I always forget something in the garage and have to walk all the way back there and then again a few minutes later. We have stairs in our house and I go up and down them frequently. I'd love to see my steps on a laundry or all out vacuuming day. Maybe grocery shopping is better exercise than I thought?

A couple of times I checked to make sure the pedometer was counting right, and it was. There were no issues. It never fell off or added without me walking. I could hear it click each time my leg lifted, so it was in sync.

I'm happy I took so many steps. In fact, it inspired me. Later this week, we are going to ride our bikes to school and back rather than taking the bus.

But it makes me wonder if I could even get below 10,000 steps a day. What would that look or feel like? Why is 10,000 steps the recommendation and do people really fall below it?

If I took out the running, my regular activities accounted for at least 13,000 steps. I bet yours do too. Maybe we're doing better than we thought.


blueviolet said...

That is a lot of stepping! You go!

amanda said...

I did costco today (which by the way, they had maranatha (sp?) almond butter at my costco,I thought of you - if the shipping wasn't so much I'd send you some!).

anyhow, It's a lot of steps when you if zig zag across the store about 5 times because you keep forgetting things!

You did have a lot of steps for one day, though! probably a lot more than I would!

Angela said...

Amanda, Thank you so much for the offer to send almond butter. I feel like a kid away at college, with all the great blogging support for my addiction. :)

But I've been making it at home lately, so good, and for a little less than buying it at costco. Plus I get to make some cool varieties. I'm keeping it whole though, and raw for the moment, so mostly mixing raw nuts for same tasty inventions. :)

Heather D. said...

Oh my gosh, woman! How do you get all of that done in a day? God Bless you!!

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