You don't need bread to make a great sandwich!

Want to add more greens to your diet? Here's an easy way to use more lettuce without having to eat endless salads.

I love using large leaf lettuces like Romaine to make a sandwich! Green leaf lettuce is pictured here. My favorite is actually red leaf. I usually add some hummus and/or avocado, veggies, and eggs or meat. It's fantastic. You can basically make any kind of sandwich this way, though I've personally never tried pbj. If you have, leave me a comment, then I'll be brave enough to give it a try. My favorites...avocado/tomato/cucumber/peppers or eggsalad.

But why stop here! I've even used lettuce in place of tortillas when we make fajitas or burritos. You can add scrambled eggs and peppers for a great breakfast burrito! I'm telling you that you won't miss the tortilla or the bread!

Okay...for the record, I am not a low-carb girl. I am a whole foods kind of girl and I love bread and tortillas like anyone else. But I also like variety. And I love finding new ways to use familiar veggies.

I tell my kids that if a person made it, you need to think about eating it, but if God made it, it's most often a healthy choice. I'm trying hard to live by example!


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