Winning the Chipmunk Battle?

People often ask me if we are winning the chipmunk battle? My reply: sometimes, but we are definitely losing the war! Check out this picture! He has no fear of me (even when I yell and bark at him!) Here are some of our latest adventures in chipmunk insanity.

I went to the garden recently only to find multiple tomatoes on the ground with bites in them. I left them there and returned later with my camera. Guess what? He came back to eat all but one of them! This made me happy. Ask my kids....their mom does not like food wasting!

Then I found these marks on our squash. Was he seriously thinking about getting one of these? How would he carry it? Or would it be a 2 bite dine and dash?

In total, we've lost all of the garden strawberries, half of our blueberries, a few pea shoots, one pepper, a couple of handfuls of tomatoes, and some of our forest strawberries and raspberries.

Here are my new attack plans:

I rocked off the entrance to the garden to make it tougher for him to enter and escape (yet he still gets in?)

We've added this owl. He serves three purposes: #1 To make the chipmunk laugh #2 To prop up the tomato plant that's falling behind it #3 To make me feel like I've cleaned the garage!

My next peels and/or hot pepper. Now I just have to wait for oranges to go on sale....


Carrie said...

Do bunnies eat tomatoes? Something is seriously chompin' my green 'maters.

We have a teenage bunny living under our shed and we call him 'Mater anyway - cause he was always sitting under my monster tomato - but now he's not so adorable that he's eating (I think) them.


Love your site, new comer!

Angela said...

Yep, I think bunnies pretty much eat everything in a garden. Deer, gophers, moles, and raccoons are monster eaters too.

And some birds. It's a jungle in a garden and nearly impossible to keep them all safe....

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