Weekly Spending and Saving July 26-August 1, 2009

Weekly Spending
$0.80 allowance
$46.47 grocery shopping

Total Spending $47.27

Weekly Savings
$10 Subway Gift Card from My Points
$31.91 grocery savings

Total Savings $41.91


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you would rate this scenario:
I ordered some food for myself and my children at the fair. The teenager behind the cash register added up by order slip (which I totalled to be $18) and I gave her a $20 bill. She gave me $12 in change. I didn't say anything. Money is tight and I really didn't want to buy food at the fair but my friend was buying food for herself and her children. I was in a bad spot. I feel terrible for not giving back the money. What would you have done?

Angela said...

What a tough call. It's happened to me before. I watch the register and keep track of every penny so I always catch these slip ups.

Usually I alert the cashier and tell them they made a mistake. But once I didn't. And I've felt bad about it forever.

I'm not sure if it's possible to make it right, or to just pay it forward and do something nice for someone to the tune of $12.

Sorry you are in such a spot. I always think is it really worth $2 or $12 or $14 or whatever the mistake was. Is the guilt or the moral damage worth it?

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