The ultimate FREE massage!

If you've never had a massage, I highly recommend it! I'm not big into pampering or primping, but a good deep-tissue massage can relieve so much muscle tension! At least for awhile, and that's the rub (no pun intended). Massages are expensive and can be inconvenient (you do have to get time alone and remember to wear normal undies after all!)

So if you aren't able to get a massage because of timing, children, modesty, or money....I have the perfect solution for you. Most moms already own this tool (or at least your kids do). Ready for it? It's a ball. A small hard ball is the perfect, free alternative to a deep tissue massage

I'm warning you now, it will hurt, but in a good way. The more it hurts, the more you really need to use it. Here's what you do: put the ball down on the floor, then lie down on top of it. If you have a sore back, push your back into the ball and roll around on it. You can use it for your neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. It works great!

If you don't have a ball this size (mine is about the size of an orange) you can always use a golf ball or even a baseball bat. Anything that is hard and rolls. Obviously the smaller it is, the more it can really dig into your knots. A golfball actually hurts quite a bit. And although a bat or a foam roller work great for a large area, I find the orange-sized ball to work the best.

I got mine in the dollar section at Target a few years ago. I'm sure you could find something similar at your local dollar store....or better yet, for FREE in your child's toy chest!


Anonymous said...

I am following. I use this ball technique at times.

Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

One of my friends used to use two tennis balls on either side of her spine. She had the worst knots of anyone I've ever known, and while it looked absolutely hilarious to do this, it apparently worked very well. My husband's a big fan of those little blue balls sold in a kit at Sam's and Costco.

Angela said...

It works pretty slick. :)

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