Too much Zucchini ~ Blasphemy!

We have been getting so many zucchinis lately! And big ones! Since my husband has been gone for the last 12 days, it's just me and the little ones. It's tough to eat all those zucchini at once!

Hold up, I did say my husband wouldn't be traveling anymore so what's the deal? Well, with every new job comes training and his just so happens to involve being gone for endless days. But we're use to it, so wer'e good.

Back to the Zucchini! We might actually have too much! I've grilled zucchini, I've stir fried it, I've added it to lasagna, I've added it to sandwiches. I've added it to omelettes, fajitas, and smoothies!

At this point, there's just one thing left to do. It's zucchini noodle making time!

I was saving up my swagbucks for a spiralizer, until I saw this great post on the Crunchy Domestic Goddess (love the name...Crunchy...) She made Raw Zucchini Pasta without a spiralizer. Well...then I could try it too.

Here are the basic ingredients--the zucchini is peeled. All but the sundried tomatoes and garlic were straight out of our garden, as organic as it gets!

This is what my noodles looked like

The finished product

The verdict: This was a tasty, healthy meal. I'm glad I finally made it. Check out the Crunchy site for an actual recipe. As usual, I ended up making too much and my kids weren't up for raw pasta leftovers, so.... Not being one to waste, I used the pasta sauce as pizza sauce one night and the leftover noodles in our fajitas. And the babies were none the wiser!

If you are interested in more raw food info, let me know. I've found some fantastic sites with great raw recipes.


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