Too much Candy.....

My children attended 3 birthday parties this weekend. Each party had a pinata filled with candy, cake & ice cream, and treat bags to take home. One even had a donut eating contest!

I scraped through the parties with only one bite of cake (yippee!) But my babies came home with so much candy! And you know what they say about taking candy from babies? Of this, I am a master.

And candy is irresistable to me. So....I ate a LOT of candy. Afterwards, I felt so disgusting. I usually eat a fairly whole-foods diet, and this was a chemical onslaught.

I felt so sick and sluggish. And just over all yuckiness. Since I radically changed my diet over a year ago, I've had so much more energy and, dare I say, joy.

But one day (okay 2 days....why didn't I stop???) of endless candy and I felt so gross. I wonder if this is how I used to feel all the time or if my body just couldn't handle the attack?

Moms....steer clear of the candy! It wasn't even chocolate! So not worth it!

I'm setting this post to reappear at a reminder to myself.  

My new candy motto: If it's brown gobble it down; if it's yellow, let it mellow!


Anonymous said...

the next few months will be loaded with candy for us. i'll have to keep this post in mind.

love your blog and am now a follower. hope you'll check out mine. =)


Neva Campbell said...

Been there, done that! Thankfully I have avoided candy and cake for a while now. I remember how awful I felt after though!
Like what I see on your blog!!

Vicki said...

I don't care if I lock it up in a safe, if there is candy in this house I will eat it. Once I even put it in an area where I would either have to stand on the scale or move the scale to get to the candy, didn't help one bit. I still ate it, just didn't look at the big old numbers on the scale.

Homemade Mamas said...

Haha! Too funny....too true.... :) Found you through MBC and are now following!

Feel free to check us out at

Mrs. B said...

I do the same thing! I always get so upset with my self afterward. Why is sugar so addicting?

dddiva said...

oh ugh I so feel you on that one. I don't have any advice except maybe wear your tightest pants when you know there will be lots of sweets around and don't put the baggies on even at bedtime.

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