Tomato Taste Testing! Wahoo!

Our local nursery is having a tomato taste test this weekend. They asked if I wanted to come...umm....yeah! Tomatoes are the ultimate and I'm so excited to try them all! I'm so not eating before I go. Okay, I'm still eating, but I'm still tasting every tomato!

I'm going to squeeze this in between 3 (yep that's 3) birthday parties we're attending. Thank goodness for all my 75% off gifts. I don't even have to run to the store! And now I'll have the perfect excuse not to eat any cake. Sorry...I need to save room for tomatoes. :)


Staci said...

I am a you need to tell me about the test. I am very interested. Staci

The SoCal Mom said...

Oh how fantastic is that! Those look so delicious! Be sure to let us know how it went, :)

Debbie said...

I love a fresh tomato!
Saw you on MBC and wanted to say hi.

ApachesPrincess said...

Ohhh, have fun!!

I actually don't especially like tomatoes, other than cherry tomatoes! Maybe I will have to start liking them! lol!

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