Tomato Taste Test Results

I attended a Tomato Taste Test at our local nursery this weekend. The results surprised me. ;)

Here are the varieties I tested:

Sugar Cherry
La Roma
Black Kim
Burpee Big Boy
Early Girl
Red Pear

I ate a lot of tomato. I also sampled some cucumber varieties but forgot to write them down. All of the cucumbers were great, but I wasn't a fan of each of the tomatoes.

I commited the worst taste testing offense....I sampled the sugar cherry first. Being a sweet tooth, this ruined me for the whole test. I love savory tomatoes, but sweetness almost always wins me over.

None of them were yuck, and all of them tasted like....tomato. My faves? Sugar Cherry (um, duh?), Valencia, La Roma, Cherokee, and Brandywine.

I was surprised that I didn't favor the beefmaster or big boys. I plant those a lot and love them. But compared to the heirlooms (in today's head to head test,) they were more watery and less flavorful. Granted, it could have been just the tomato itself. Taste varies to much based on soil, water, and time on the vine.

But the heirlooms were special, and different. We planted brandywine this year and LOVED it. Valencia was cool because it was yellow, and tasted great.

The only one I wasn't a fan of was the red pear. It was a little mealy for me.

And La Roma...yep! I need that one in my garden. I battled it out with my husband this year and got one cherry tomato. It was a tough fight.

Next year, I'm going to work with our base of one cherry and try to get one roma. It was so flavorful, and since it's a sauce tomato....hello? I love to make sauce. Hopefully he will hear the argument this year.  If not, one might accidentally fall into our cart.

Those kids are always putting things into the cart.


Staci said...

Interesting. We planted brandywine too. Thanks.

dddiva said...

Sounds about right that the heirlooms would taste better since the ones grown today were specifically cultivated for long shelf life and looks.
I love the roma as well- win win win!

Debbie said...

You just cannot beat an heirloom tomato! Sounds like a fun event.

Samantha Gianulis said...

I had green heirlooms last week that were sweet as sugar. I swear. I couldn't bear to cornmeal dust and fry them, they were just fine with salt and pepper. Your nursery has got it goin on!

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