Tasty Pumpkin Muffins

We made these tasty pumpkin muffins (as muffin tops and regular sized) and everyone loved them. We followed this recipe. Our only changes were to omit the granola topping and of course...cut the sugar in half. The muffin tops tasted just like cookies. They were wonderful! I'm hoping for a canned pumpkin sale soon so I can make these again!

This recipe got printed out and added to my drawer. FYI--the picture actually looks rude, but they were a beautiful orange and oh so good.

Someone asked about how to make muffin tops, so here's the quick answer. I use this awesome pan!

It is truly the only non-stick pan I've ever had that is actually non-stick (by the way, I'm not paid to say that in any way...I love this pan). And it doesn't require spraying with oil! The pan comes with instructions on how to modify your cooking time (basically 25 degrees less and your usual batter).

My kids and husband prefer the tops. I prefer the stumps...go figure, but I can't be stuck eating just stumps. Imagine the quantites of muffin I'd be eating!

You can see more of my muffin tops here.


Tammy said...

How do you make muffin tops? Do you have a special pan?

Angela said...

I bought an awesome pan at amazon that makes muffin tops. You can see a picture of it if you look under my recipes tab and look for the banana raspberry muffins. I also have it in the amazon box to the right...it's green and has all my favorite books floating around in it (plus my muffin top pan and flax seed grinder...total faves!!)

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