Target Toy clearance 75% at last!

Target's toys have finally gone 75% off! There were a few at 75% over the last two weeks, but now there is a big supply. All summer pool toys are currently at 30% and tons of shoes are at 75% (just not my sad).

Here's what we bought today. I picked up a few smaller toys for Christmas donations and the rest are for upcoming birthday parties and baby showers.

All these toys cost me $27.57. They were originally priced $110.28, so a savings of $82.71. Target should have a bunch of areas at 75% off for the next few weeks. My stores have women's summer clothes, children's summer clothes, shoes, and toys at 75%. Jewelry, video games, summer pool toys and fitness are at 30%.

Then in September, it happens again! I'll alert you when I see both of my stores hit 75% because they are a few weeks apart from each other and should give you a good idea of when your stores will be ready!


Jessica-MomForHim said...

I was at Target yesterday and was able to snag a few things for birthday parties. Usually I miss out, so I was glad to be able to catch it on just the right day!

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