Show me your stomach!

Every time I see one of my sisters, it never fails. Within the first few minutes, they say "show me your stomach!" It's the sort of exchange that can only happen between sisters, but it still bothers me.

I'm unhappy about my stretch marks, but it's what I've got. I just don't like being reminded of it. My sister was staying with us this week and out came the familiar words.... So I showed her and she was in shock. Yes, someone can have that many stretch marks.

Then she showed me hers (I'll show you mine if you show me yours...) and she had a few itty bitty marks on an otherwise flat stomach. It was like rubbing salt in a cut. Didn't we have the same parents? Didn't we gain a similar amount of weight? We both had two children.....

I'm guessing it's because she was so many years younger when she had her babies (in case that's true, don't tell any teenagers!) Or maybe because the percentage of weight gained was so much higher for me. **sighs** Like all things, there's no use in looking back. I have to tell myself the same thing I tell my children "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit".

I'm trying hard not to throw a fit (or a party as my husband calls where no one else wants to come!) But I will say this:

I have a dream that one day sisters will live in a nation where they wil not be judged by the flatness of their stomachs but by the content of their character! That their stretch marks will not define them! I have a dream today!
My version of MLK Jr's "I have a dream" speech


Mrs. B said...

LOL...if only you could see my stomach! I have two children and pregnant with my third. I gained 80lbs. with one and 75lbs. with the other. Lost it all within 8 weeks. My skin sinks into my stomach like a 90 year old womans mouth without teeth. Really, its not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am sure your younger sister didn't mean to hurt your feelings... as she has seen it before and only wanted a look after your current good eating and working out lifestyle. Sorry.

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