Running barefoot! ~A Night's Tale

Last night, we were awoken by a 2 AM phone call. My husband grabbed the phone and quickly threw on some shorts. He grabbed our gun and headed outside. Here's where I have to take a break...I know not everyone agrees but we keep 2 fully loaded weapons in our home.

Our kids have been trained (in fact we run drills...but more on that later) and the guns are not accessable to them. Okay, back to the story. My husband runs outside, and after a few seconds I follow him downstairs and head outside.

He quickly yells at me to get back in the house. Holy cow! What's going on! I look out the window to see my husband and our neighbor (who appears to be naked?) running up and down the streets flashing lights. Then I see 3 squad cars pull up to our house. Umm....where are the guns?

I wait an agonizing 11 minutes before I head out to see what is going on. The police notice me right away. Great. After my husband gives my identity, they quickly lose interest. But then I see it....our mailbox beaten to a bloody pulp (if mailboxes could be bloody). As if we don't have enough mail trouble!

But that's not all. All the mailboxes on our street were trashed. Shrubs and trees were ripped out! Are you kidding me! Luckily it was none of our own, but here's where the barefoot running comes in. At 3 am, I ran barefoot through our neighborhood trying to replant any trees and shrubs I could. And I gotta tell you, I rocked at running barefoot....until....I stepped on a broken beer bottle!!

It turns out there were 4 teenage boys out running amok. Their parents were out of town, they got drunk, and went out on a testosterone/alchohol filled damage fest. So how did we find out, and why was my neighbor naked?

It turns out my neighbor is an insomniac as well. I had been asleep for a good 1/2 hour but he was still trying hard to fall asleep when he heard loud banging outside. He ran out in just his he wasn't really naked...I just couldn't tell because it was dark.

One of the boys had stopped to pee in our yard (YES....PEE in our's not just dogs that do it folks!), and my neighbor grabbed him. When he refused to give his information, my neighbor stripped him of his clothes (and cell phone) and let him run off into the night, naked and barefoot (more barefoot running!).

That's when he called us and he and my husband when out. He put away his gun immediately after hearing it was teenagers. And before the police came. We have a license to conceal and carry, but you never want to be armed around an officer if you know what I mean!

So the boy called to get his cell phone back and the police went to see him at his house. They took him off to jail and he spent the night there. He refused to name is partners and is facing up to a year in jail. He'll most likely plead out but he did get cited for underage drinking and is no longer able to participate in sports.

We finally got in the house around 4 am. A little background on my takes me a minimum of 2 hours to fall asleep, no matter what time it is. If I got to bed at 8, it will be at least 10 before I'm sleeping. If I get up because a child has a nightmare, it will be another 2 hours until I'm back to sleep. It's just an annoying fact of my life. Imagine this when you have an infant that wakes up every 2 hours to eat....

Major digression alert! Anyone who is going to have a new baby in the house, I urge you to read On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant The Gift of Nighttime Sleep. My sister-in-law gave me this as a gift, and I shelved it for a long time. Luckily, I ended up reading it before I gave birth. It was a lifesaver. My babies both slept 8-9 hour stretches by 13 weeks old. They were sleeping 6 hour stretches by 8 weeks. I followed the book exactly. I recommend getting it at the library, then if you think you can follow the plan, buy the book and keep it on hand. There will be many times you'll need to refer back and be sure you are on the right track. It's not the easiest thing to do (it's NOT crying out), but it is why my children slept through the night (really slept through the night) so young and still sleep all night. They do get up early, but they sleep all night. I have friends that have 9 year olds that still wake up every few hours. Yikes! FYI, I do not recommend Babywise II, it was too militant for me. Okay, back on track.

So at 4am, I knew it was going to be a tough night. I had only 2 hours until my kids woke up (they wake up at 6am no matter what). I desperately wanted to sleep, but I had been out running and planting plants, so that only added to the sleep trouble. I should have got up and cleaned the house or went downstairs and ran or used my time in some other useful way, but instead I laid there thinking and getting mad until 6 am when my daughter rushed into my room with her cat, peanut butter. She shoved him in my face to show me he was already dressed for the day. He had on a wedding dress and a bunch of bracelets. He's so glamorous for 6 AM.

So there you have it, 30 minutes of sleep, barefoot running, 2 semi-naked guys, vandalism and night planting. What an adventure! Let's hope it never happens again!

**Quick update**The boys parents came back early from their vacation and they all paid us a visit this evening. They apologized and promised to pay for and repair all the damages. They then went to all the neighbors and apologized. I was so proud to see such stand up parents. Their son made a huge mistake, but they rushed back (they were out of the country!), brought him around to apologize, offered him up to do yard work or anything to make it up to us, and were sincerely sorry and embarrassed by what happened. They also got their son to spill the names of the others involved. This young teen made a mistake that will alter his future (he was a star athlete) and forever change his relationship with his parents. He is going to trial and will be paying for the damages he caused, in more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is DAAAAAANNNNGG!

Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

I am ecstatic for you that the parents not only took responsibility for this themselves, but MADE HIM take responsibility, as well! Great display of accountability!

You'll find no grief over handguns from me. For Christmas, my husband bought me a handgun and a CHL class along with it (I'm was more of a shotgun and rifle girl previously). He has a concealed carry permit and I'm just waiting on mine. We also have two young kids who "know the drill" and we're now also considering becoming handgun safety/CHL instructors.

Hope the foot heals well (no pun intended). That had to HURT.

Lydia said...

Wow! Such excitement! Hope you aren't too draggy today.

It is good to hear that there are parents who still make their sons be men. It has instilled some hope in me!

Julie L. said...

This was such an exciting post to read!
Wow. So many good parts- I loved how your neighbor stripped the teenager of his clothes and took his cell phone- brilliant! I am so glad that no one got hurt. That your husband put his gun away once finding out it was a teenager and not having it around when the police arrived- so sensible in the heat of the moment, bravo.
How very kind and neighborly of you to plant the shrubs and whatnot.
And yes, so much credit to the boy's parents. Wow. I loved hearing that part.

Anonymous said...

Sure would like to see a pic of Peanut Butter in his wedding gown :o)

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