Reducing Waste ~ Grocery Shopping

I bring about 15 reusable shopping bags with me each time I go out grocery shopping. What a disaster, right? No...actually it's quite simple. I take all the bags and shove them into one bag. Do I mean neatly fold?...NO!! I just shove them all in and take one bag into the store.

When it's time to bag my groceries, I unpack them as I need them and fill my cart with my full cloth bags. Then I carry my groceries in to the house, unload, and shove them back into one of the bags. Super easy. And a bonus (besides the obvious environmental impact), I have never had a cloth bag rip and spill something on the floor.

Cloth bags are usually pretty inexpensive, like 99c a bag, but every bag I have I got for free. There are often deals for free reusable bags, and I will post them in the deals category as I come across them.

One of the stores I shop at gives me a 5c per bag discount for every reusable bag i bring in. That's not why I use them, but it's an added bonus. The cashier recently told me that they are going to start charging for plastic bags. Yuck! So at least I won't have to worry about paying for bags. Paying for plastic bags sounds annoying. I hope I never have to pay for one.


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