Reading Chapter Books to Preschoolers

I used to read one chapter from The mouse and the motorcycle with my son after my daughter had gone to bed. But recently, I decided she was old enough to enjoy chapter books too. 
I decided to try the Little House series. We just finished The Adventures of Laura & Jack today. And we ALL  loved it. We loved it so much we were crying during some of it. Sissy babies! Jack was just such a great dog! I can't wait to read them the whole series. We'll be back to the library today to pick up a few more. 
In my opinion, 3 1/2 is a good age to start chapter books. Their attention span is getting bigger and they appreciate complex stories. They will ask to see the pictures though, so ones like this that do have sporadic pictures are great. And don't toss out the picture books. Little kids still love and need them. 
Any suggestions for other great chapter books for boys or girls, in the early preschool stage? 


Jessica-MomForHim said...

We read chapter books together after lunch. We've read the old Pooh books, Anne of Green Gables, the All of a Kind Family series, and now we have started on the Little House books, beginning with Little House in the Big Woods. We also have Mary Poppins on the list, and we'd like to read more of the Anne of Green Gables series, but we hop around. We've also read several of Janette Oke's "Animal Friends" series, which I think are great for the younger ages--short chapters and colorful pictures. See those here:

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