Plant your Fall Spinach Now!

If you live in zone 5 or lower, now is the perfect time to get out and plant some spinach! Spinach prefers a cooler/less sunny climate, so if you plant it now, it will germinate and start growing just in time for fall. Then you can enjoy fresh spinach all fall long!

I just planted mine 2 days ago and it's been busy sprinkling here...perfect! For zones 6 and up, you may still be able to plant it if you get a little break from the summer heat. But you're probably able to keep planting everything. :)


Stasi said...

How do you know what zone your in? LOL I know silly question but I just started gardening and really enjoy it. I planted spinach in the early summer (live in MI) and maybe thats way it didn't take....
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Our fall crop us usually better than the spring. Thanks for the reminder

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