Our Royal Caribbean House Party! Tons of Pictures

I posted here and here about our Royal Caribbean House party. I was excited to be selected, but this was definitely not the greatest House Party set-up. As I mentioned before, we've posted 2 other house parties and they were super fun!

So expecting this to be a great party, we invited tons of guests...I think there were 60-70 people. I really got sidetracked and lost count. As you can imagine, there was a lot going on!

Our party pack wasn't so great...take a look here...so we did the party our way. We're known for throwing big parties! You should see our Annual New Year's party! Actually, since I'm blogging now, you probably will!

Everything's bigger in Texas! Okay, we don't live in Texas, but we throw parties like we do! Check out some of the photos below:

Guests relaxing in true cruising style...waiting for the fire. Can you see my garden way in the back?


More Eating

A place to escape the sun...watch out for pirates!

Some of the snacks

Bounce house and ladder ball

Babies Jumping

People playing soccer

Do you know what these are? Super big fireworks!


Girl with sparkler, all the kids ran with these throughout the night

One of the fireworks, my camera was not a night owl!

Well, you might have guessed it...60+ people, loud music, late at night, fireworks....the police came at 11:30 and broke up our party. Let me assure everyone that this was a family friendly (so rated G) party. We had almost 20 kids there and absolutely NO ALCOHOL! But it turns out that fireworks on a hot August day are highly frowned upon.

I tried with all my might to get a good photo of my husband with the police, but I just can't figure out how to take good night photos. Alas, one of my neighbors presented my husband with this shirt. It's all fun & games until the cops show up. Isn't that the truth!

We had fun, and I'd definitely do a house party again. Usually they give you a bunch of great party supplies and make it worthwhile. But any excuse for a party is good for me! We went to 8 parties in the month of July and are scheduled for 6 so far in August. It's been a fun summer.


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