Our Night on the Lake ~ Courtesy of Jaguar

Last week, I opened myself up to boating...something my water-fearing self would never want to do. And lo and behold, just a few days after that, I was invited by Jaguar to attend an elite event showcasing multi-million dollar homes, $300,000 and up boats, and of course their beautiful cars.

I wasn't sure what to make of the invite, so I passed it on to my husband for his opinion. He responed back right away telling me to RSVP. Then he made the oddest comment. He said "we're going to have to spend some time getting dressed to make sure we don't look so poor."

I guess he understood a bit more about what the event would be like. But I was thinking, if "not looking poor" is the least of our concerns, then I was feeling really blessed.

So we got dressed up in our best business casual attire, and even took the car for a carwash (silent giggle.)

We arrived at one of the Cargill family's former estates and were ushered in by very attentive staff. My husband quickly noticed rows and rows of Porsches, Aston Martins, BMW x-6's and all sorts of Jaguars and Mercedes. I was none the wiser, but he meticulously parked in the back. These cars, by the way, were the cars of the other guests.....

We checked in and the attendant checked the list. Would we be on it? Was I invited by mistake? Angela.....yes, here you are. We made the list! I've never been to a party where there really was a list. The funny thing....I was on the list. The irony was not lost on my husband.

I couldn't care less about cars and he LOVES cars, but I was the one invited to this car studded event. I don't make a dime for our family, but when we apply for credit cards, I usually get offered a higher limit. It's a running joke in our family. So the fact that I was invited when he wasn't, was just a tad humorous.

But this was an amazing event! I brought my camera but it became immediately obvious that cameras were not appreciated. Both by the Jaguar people and my husband. Remember, we were trying to not look poor. But it was like being in a foreign country. And when you are a tourist in a foreign land, you take photos. Exactly. So the camera was relegated to the car.

We toured homes that cost over 4 million dollars. We sampled oysters and salmon and some icky seaweed thing that I, of course, tried. They had what looked like caviar, and so in the spirit of trying new things, I ate some. To my relief, it was olive tempenade. Phew! Fish eggs narrowly avoided!

We rode on a boat that cost $310,000. My husband even got to drive it! I only wish I could have taken pictures of the waves this boat made. If they weren't man made, they could have been one of the world wonders. They were huge and majestic. I did my best to keep the babies sitting throughout the ride. The boat had so many cool parts to explore. It had a whole house underneath...well a boat sized house, complete with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. And it was fast. I enjoyed my second ride on the lake in less than a week.

And of course, we got to drive the new Jaguars. To me they were just cars, but my husband liked this part a lot.

I'm not sure how we got invited, but I'm glad we did. We had a lot of fun. We got to spend time with the upper crust (never been a fan of crust myself) and experience things we would never pay for on our own.

They informed us they would have other fun events coming up and that we would be included. Wahoo! The moral to this story: When Jaguar calls you and invites you to a party....go! It will be tons of wine & dine fun! Oh yeah....and fancy expensive cars (and sometimes homes and boats!)


Melanie from Girlgetstrong said...

Great post - thanks so much for sharing your story! Too funny, love the part about being invited to a party with a "list". Never thought about it, but I'd be in the same boat, I'm sure.
Also the part about getting higher credit limits than your husband...that happens to me all the time. Event though he's the one who does most of the family support, I'm the one that has the bills in my name, and I always pay on time, so I have GREAT credit. A running joke in our family too.

I enjoyed visiting and will be back for sure!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Wow, that's crazy! How do you get so many invites and people contacting you for things? I don't know how you do it! And did it say you could bring your kids? I guess I would have assumed such an "upper crust" event wouldn't include little ones. I don't know how I could look very glamorous with 4 kids hanging on me.

Angela said...

I've been super lucky lately!! I'm trying to have a more positive attitude and good things are just happening. :)

Kids were not on the list, but when I called to RSVP and said I'd need to bring kids along, they said okay.

We dressed our kids up in their best hand-me-downs, combed their hair, and wished for the best.

They were actually very well behaved, and we all had a great time.

But it was way upper crust. People were talking about which ivy league school they attended, how many mills they had made by 29, and selling internet businesses, the works. I just sat back and listened...and watched the babies...nobody wanted to go to the bottom of the lake!

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