Our Garden Bounty

We have been pulling so many veggies from our garden lately! Here was today's bounty. This is about the amount we're getting each day. There are tons of cherry tomatoes on the bottom.

The amount of tomatoes is about the same each day. Some of them could have used more time on the vine but somebody keeps biting them off! The amount of beans, peas, squash and zucchini varies too. Right now I have 12 zucchini sitting on my counter...just waiting for me.

Because of all this great produce, I've opted not to grocery shop this week. I was so excited about this decision because it meant I wouldn't have to see another Jon & Kate plus 8 picture on the magazine stands. But alas, we are out of eggs and milk. So I have a different plan... I'll post about it later in the week.

In case you are wondering, our garden is about 6ft x 10 ft. Most of the space is wasted with fencing and walking paths (in my opinion) but it can throw out some mean produce throughout the summer. I'll be planting more spinach soon. I'm crossing my fingers for some fresh fall greens. :)


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