My new (used) shirt!

I have been so fortunate to have generous sisters. One of my sister's tires of her clothes frequently and sends me her rejects. The other has children one year older than mine and sends me all her children's clothing.

She dropped off two big bags for me yesterday. When I looked inside, I was pleasantly surprised. She had dropped off so many nice sweaters and dress shirts that will be perfect school clothes for my son! And among all the children's clothing, I saw a small red shirt.

I thought for a moment and realized it must be a kid's shirt. I searched for a tag. Nothing. Well, then no one will know. I'll just keep it, wear it, and pretend it's mine. :)

Wanna see it? It's the shirt in the picture below (and I'm wearing it...even if it may be a kid's size!!) It has a picture of a chipmunk and says Feisty. That pretty much sums it up. It had to be mine.


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