My Most Important Job as a Wife

As a mother and wife, I have a lot of responsibilities. My number one job as a wife, amazingly, is to stand there and watch while he works. It know it sounds crazy. Really...what a waste of time. But it makes our marriage a million times better.

We call it "holding the cord". If he vacuums, he has to have me hold the cord...hence the name for this boring job. If my husband is mowing the yard, he'd like me to be in the yard...watching. If I do any other activities, he gets angry.

I really hate holding the cord. I'm an active person and I like to be doing. I also have a lot of other jobs to do, but if I take the time to just watch and wait with him at least once a day, our marriage is a lot better. It's amazing how something so small can make such a big difference.


Lydia said...

Isn't it crazy...but it really does make a difference!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

It's those little things that are important to them, it seems. They don't seem important to us, but if it speaks love to them, we need to do it! Good post and a good reminder. I like the phrase you guys coined, "holding the cord"!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get my husband to do this for me. I would love the companionship and it would boost my morale A LOT as I worked. I love it when he's in the kitchen while I work. It doesn't happen often, though.

Donna B

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