My Best Day at Work

As we had been thinking of interview questions over the last few weeks, my mind has been wondering back to my working days. I have many fond memories of working, and some great examples of how I made a difference or experienced success, but my favorite memory has almost nothing to do with work at all.

I used to be a traveling sales person and I was driving on some rural country roads when I came across a corn field....that was moving. Or was it? There was a cow in the cornfield and he/she was running and skipping and jumping. He was having the time of his life.

You could just feel the joy radiating from him.I stopped my car and watched him for awhile. The corn field was right next to a pasture filled with grazing cows. There was one section of fence that had been knocked down and the one lone cow frolicking in the corn. It was beautiful.

I realize this story may stress some people out (namely, anyone that has ever had to chase down an escaped cow or had a cow destroy their fields). I feel for you. :) But you had to see this to know that this moment was so full of glee. I cherish the fact that I got to see it. :)


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