Making Money from your Online Shopping

Do you shop online? I do. But did you know that you can make money from your online purchases? Check out these websites: Mr. Rebates and ebates. Both give you a % back when you shop at your usual stores but stop through their site first.

They often have special coupon codes listed on their site as well. I've made about $28 from one and $18 from the other. You certainly won't get rich with either of these sites, but every bit helps.


Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

I signed up at a little while back but haven't used it for anything other than window shopping yet. Is it really legit? Have you been able to cash out or purchase anything yet?

Angela said...

It is legit, but honestly it takes a LONG time to get paid out. For one, you have to wait for the tracking tickets, and then you get paid a % which is pennies. And they won't let you cash out until you've made at least $5 in a given month (earned not promos,) so it took me a long time before I could cash out.

But they did pay me by paypal once I made it. My husband is still waiting on his. His trackings take a long time to post (from hotel stays).

Good luck with it!

printable coupon said...

I've never tried here but i will try.
I love online shopping and saves lots of money while shopping by using printable coupon.

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