Just Add Spinach....

Spinach is one of my favorite foods. Really...it is! I love to eat it raw and I love to add it to most of our regular foods. Here are a couple of places to add spinach that turn out great:

Omelets, quiches, frittatas or scrambled eggs

Noodles: Just add a little olive oil, tomatoes, spices and feta cheese

Smoothies: Use apple or orange juice and blend the spinach first so you don't have any specks, then add any other fruits you desire

Almost any Italian meal tastes great with spinach. Check out my favorite Mediterranean pizza and lasagna...both with extra spinach. And don't forget to add spinach to your salads and sandwiches!


Tammy said...

We love spinach, too! We like to saute a little garlic in olive oil and then add the spinach w/a little salt and pepper. This is one of our favorite sides. We also eat a lot of spinach salads instead of plain lettuce. And we throw a handful on any kind of wrap.

Love the ideas.

Keep-em coming!!

Emelie said...

I agree, although I haven't always liked it I love spinach as an adult. I really have iceberg lettuce so we use spinach as a substitue all the time!

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