Interviewing Bob Harper (or Jillian) from the Biggest Loser

It's no secret that The Biggest Loser is my all time favorite show (less than a month left until the season premiere!) I was perusing the internet the other night to see if anyone else had interviewed the Hungry Girl.

I was just so floored that I was actually asked to interview a celebrity. I've only had my blog up and running for 2 months and I just never imagined that happening. Surely, I wasn't the greatest interviewer, but I still put my self out there.

Well, I found someone else with a similar situation. She interviewed the Hungry Girl and then was contacted to interview Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser. Excuse me? If that kind of magic happens to me....I am flying to the interview, skipping all the talking, and working out!

Okay, that might make me lose the interview. But I can talk when I workout...sort of. And could it really be any worse than my usual talking?

Maybe I should throw it out there. If the people from Biggest Loser want to record a video of someone getting their shorts handed to them...I'm in!

If I got to interview Bob, I'd be all about the yoga and box jumps. If it were Jillian, I'm going to ask her to make me run and do all kinds of crazy one-handed pushups. And I want to run the moutain at the ranch. If this sounds unreal, I'm not kidding!

I bought so much extra gum trying to win the chance to train with Bob sweepstakes last winter. Then I realized you could play without buying the gum, and I entered every single day....and lost.

If you would like to see me cry and vomit and throw an otherwise un-adult-like tantrum as I'm forced to extreme limits (just like the real biggest loser) then cast your votes to the wind and keep your eyes open. It just might happen!


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