Iced Hot Cocoa ~ A fun summer drink!

I wanted to hurry up and share this recipe with you before the summer is over. We like to make this drink whenever we are having a family move night. :)

There are two ways to make it. The way I used to make it and the way I make it now. Either way, it's simple, frothy and chocolatey.

First, the way I used to make it:
Combine in a blender:
2 cups milk
1 packet hot cocoa mix
a large glass of ice

Add ice 1 cup at a time and stop when the mixture is the consistency of a slightly melted malt. Pour into cups and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings (or chocolate syrup).

This is a quick, easy, and tasty way to make the iced cocoa drinks, and I made it this way for years. Until.....I read the package on the hot cocoa mix. Let's face it, hot cocoa mix is super cheap and easy. But it's full of chemicals. So now, we make our own.

The taste and ease is similar. I don't add any creamers (like coffeemate) so it doesn't turn out quite as soft but it's still tasty and it's nice to know what you are eating.

Combine in a blender:
2 cups 1% milk (or soy/almond milk)
2 Tbsp natural cocoa (no sweeteners and not alkylated)
2 Tbsp Sugar (modify to suit your tastes)
1 large glass of ice

The directions are the same as above. Add ice 1 cup at a time until it's like a melted malt or shake. Pour in a glass and top with fat-free whipped cream and a chocolate garnish.

This makes 4 servings at about 88 calories per serving (not counting whatever toppings you add). It's a low-calorie/low-fat ice cream alternative and scores points in the chocolate department.

For this winter, you can use the same recipe (recipe of 2's): 2 cups milk, 2Tbsp cocoa, 2Tbsp sugar to make hot cocoa. :)


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