I made my own Cruise Ship Towel Animals

Ever since we went on a cruise this summer, I've wanted to make the fun towel animals you see on the ship. So I added it to the list. I have a long list of all the things I want/need/have to do, and the animals kept getting shuffled toward the bottom.

But not today! Walmart had a sale on towels ($1 per towel, yippee!) so I picked up a few and this is what I made:

Making your own towel animals
Be advised...if you are a guest in my home, you will wake up to a towel animal on your bed. ;)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

This are awesome! They remind me of the days I worked in the table linen department of a department store after graduating college. You had to do something to fill the time.

I saw your message on Mommy Bloggers Club and decided to stop by your site again. This time to join your followers. Please become one of mine.

Mrs. B said...

So cute!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

So, are you going to give us tutorials? I don't know how to make any of these!

Angela said...

I guess I could. :) I bookmarked the links that I used, so I could post them up for people to find. They were so easy.

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