Her first dance class!

My daughter is super girly and she has wanted to go to dance class for the longest time. Dance is expensive and I only allow my kids to be in one activity at a time (for my sanity as much as theirs), so I told her she would have to wait until her brother was in kindergarten.

Then I came across this great deal for a summer dance class. Just 3 classes for $25. I'm in! So she got to try it out and start a little early.

And she loved every minute of it. I was so forunate to find ballet slippers and tap shoes at a neighbors garage sale for 50c each this summer. And her dress was on sale for $2.98 at Target last year. Her brother gave it to her for her birthday. :)

We were so fortunate with activities this summer. My son took 10 karate sessions, and got a free outfit for $14.95, then he completed 8 wrestling sessions for just $10. Gotta love summer sports!

Having kids doesn't have to be spendy!


Emelie said...

Wow! Our dance classes are 6 classes for $15. Thankfully since both my girls love it!

Angela said...

The regular price for our dance classes are 4 for $44 and then you must pay $120 per recital outfit, 2 required recitals. And the recitals cost $39 to attend. What? That's crazy. I really want her to be in dance, but we are going to try and opt out of the recitals. I don't even spend $120 on a NICE outfit for me, let alone a one time event.

I'm super jealous of 6 for $15!

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