Her Beautiful Hair is Gone!

This week my daughter donated her hair to locks of love. My sister-in-law has had two of her little girls donate their hair, and after her first cousin did it, my daughter was convinced it was what she wanted to do.
She's a very giving girl and she was so excited to give her hair to someone who didn't have any. Her Grandfather recently lost his hair to cancer so the concept was very real to her.

We had been waiting until she would have enough to donate but still have enough left to have long hair. I had been planning on 12 inches, but when I found out locks of love will take 10 inches, we called around and went to get it cut.

The hairstylist measured and my daughter had a 16 inch ponytail. Great, she'll have plenty left. But before I could say a word, the scissors were already cutting. NOooooooo...... Her hair was cut in a matter of seconds. A lady at the salon said "oh....all of her beautiful long hair is gone...".

I quickly looked to see my daughter's face, but she hadn't heard the rude lady. My little glamour girl was too busy admiring herself in the mirror. :) She never even missed her long hair. She was beaming from ear to ear thinking about the little girl that would have her ponytail.

She wanted to know all about her. Would she send her a picture? Would she send her a thank you note? I tried to explain to her that it takes 6 ponytails to make a wig, but she would have none of it. 3-year olds aren't known for being rational, after all. She knew one girl would get her ponytail and she would have the same beautiful, strawberry hair that she had. :)

She gladly told everyone we met that she had donated her hair. She would tell them stories about the new girl that was now enjoying her hair. She's loved telling the story. Since our cut earlier this week, one of our neighbors went to donate her hair and my sister has been calling to find a salon to have her daughter's hair cut.

It was a wonderful experience (minus the initial 16 inch cut shock!). They gave us a Free haircut, they mailed off the ponytail, and my daughter has never been so proud. And she's enjoyed the shorter combing sessions. I have to admit I have too. :)


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Way to go, girl! You look so cute! :-) I can't wait to show your cousins!

G's hair turned out shorter than I'd hoped, too. I think next time I'll do it myself again so I can control the length, like I did with H. For before and after pictures of G and H, see below:



It won't be long before M is ready--though it'll probably have to be next summer, so Daddy has some time to enjoy some long hair! :-)

Angela said...

It's kind of neat to see how your influence spreads. We cut her hair because H originally cut hers. My sister just called today to say she cut HER hair and her daughters for locks of love. We've had 2 neighbors get their hair donated and others that are now planning it. Good vibes spread quickly. :)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That's awesome!!! :-)

Now if only I could make myself grow my hair long enough to donate....Nope, not happening. Gonna have to live vicariously through my girls! ;-)

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