Grocery shopping ~ Under $60 for a family of 4

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Excuse that baby food on the left? Is there something you'd like to share? Well....I did say I wanted to gain weight.....

Wow, that's not even funny! My sister was coming into town and she needed food for her baby. I thought about just making baby food for her (like I did with my own kids), but I'm not one to push my agenda on other people. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm totally one to force my agenda! But...alas, I wasn't planning to be bossy....this time. And I'm going to save the jars to keep my kids flower seeds in! Yay! I've wanted some baby food jars for awhile. A little hidden agenda wrapped up in a good deed, sounds great to me!

So how did we do this week? We've been blessed these last few weeks with fresh veggies from our garden (and lots of them!) so I was able to save a lot by not buying much produce this week. Wahoo! Our total after coupons was $58.70. The total before coupons was $122.35. A savings of $63.65 or 52%.

What were my big spendies? Well chicken, hummus, clementines, whole grain bread, and almond milk. Almond milk, you know I love ya, but you're still a spendy!

To find out how to lower YOUR grocery bill, click here.


Mommy-Wise said...

Was there a deal on the baby food?? I need jars!!

Angela said...

No, but these were 44c a piece. If you come back in a few weeks, I'll have a post on making brownies and sweet potatoes are one of the ingredients. Baby food sweet potatoes turn out to be the best deal to use for this recipe. :) You could always buy applesauce too and just eat it. :)

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