Groceries --Under $50-- plus $25 in rebates/coupons

This week we spent $48.99 on groceries, originally $85.88. I just squeaked under our target of $50 (for a family of 4). We saved $36.89 or 43% by using coupons.

I took advantage of the Kraft/SuperValu deal which means I got an extra $5 coupon to use on my next purchase and a $20 mail in rebate form. I never count on rebates, so I'm not deducting it from our weekly total. And the other coupon is for next time so that doesn't count either. I am happy to have them though.

Also, I only bought things from the rebate deal we actually needed. You can see in the picture that I bought a lot of shredded cheese, string cheese, and deli meat. All things I would have bought anyway, and all at good sale prices. I could have made a profit if I had bought 10 boxes of trisquits, but I've learned that lesson the hard way. I no longer stock up heavily on things we only want to eat in limited always gets eaten more often than it should.

You may be asking...Do we really eat that much bread each week. Nope. All of that bread went into the freezer. Whenever it the whole grain, no-HFCS bread goes on sale, I stock up.

What were my spendies? There's an $8 bottle of tahini in the back. $8!! I was just happy to finally find it. I'm on a mission to make my own hummus and eventually save money doing it. I did some math at the store and I'll break even on these first batches. But when I get a food processor, I'm going to make my own tahini and save a bunch on hummus. Okay, now I'm hungry.

Any other spendies? Aluminum-free baking powder, clementines, and some chicken. Everything else was a great deal. :)

Take a look below to see what we got.

Click on the photos to enlarge


Jessica-MomForHim said...

I wish that deal were available where I live!! We go through cheese and deli meat like there's no tomorrow!!! :-(

Mary Ann said...

You did great!The tahini should last you a long time. I ran out a while back and have been making hummus without it, although the tahini does give it a more authentic taste! The produce looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,
You can substitute toasted sesame oil for the tahini if you run out. This is much cheaper and I keep on hand for stir fry, unlike the tahini!

Anonymous said...

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