Give old, holey socks a new life ~ Reuse them for cleaning

Old socks are amazing for cleaning! I keep a pile of these in the back of my linen closet. Whenever I have a tub, toilet, or floor to clean. I grab one of these and wear it like a mitten. I love the fact that the sock gets one more use before it hits the landfill, but I especially like that I never have to use any of my good cleaning cloths in the bathroom.

One of my biggest pet peeves with cleaning companies is that they use one cloth to clean your whole home. I'm not joking. My husband thought it would be a good idea to have a cleaning service come before we sold our last house. I watched as they washed our toilets and floors (with the same cloth) and then took that same rag and washed our counters and tables!!! I almost barfed.

I never mix my bathroom and kitchen cleaning cloths, and this makes that even easier. I save the socks almost exclusively for the bathroom. Then I can toss it when I'm finished.

I also use the socks to clean up any ishy mess that I'd rather not wash with our clothing, and I use them to dust between blinds. Because you can put them on like a glove, you just need to run your hands along the blind to clean them.

So next time you think about tossing a holey sock, put it on your hand first and use to do a quick clean up. Or toss it in a drawer and pull it out on your next cleaning day. You'll save money (on cleaning rags) and you'll reduce the amount of overall waste in your home.


Julie L. said...

I've been using old socks to dust for years. I have no idea why I never made the connection to use it as a cleaning rag. Duh!
Thanks for the post!
And ditto on the cleaning services using one rag for the whole house. Barf.

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