A gift from the Double-G's, we can still get mail!

Our kids got these gifts from the Double-G's (their grandparents to all sane people, Grampie & Grammie to our family!) What a great gift. My kids love planting seeds and digging in dirt. And I like seeing that we can actually get our own mail once in a while!

After just 2 days, look how much the seeds have grown! We'll need to transplant these to a bigger pot soon. I've never had the little seed pots grow so well. The kids are loving it!

The ones on the left are Marigolds, the right are Zinnias.


Anonymous said...

Since your kids love gardening and plucking seeds AND you love saving money, maybe you should take a photo of the flowers, pluck their seeds when ready and send those as christmas cards/gifts to relatives and friends. Spread the wealth of flowers, if you will.

Angela said...

Pure awesomeness! I would love to share the flower seed wealth! Such a great idea, Thanks!

avagdro said...

Fabulous giveaways indeed.thanks for sharing.

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