Fully Loaded and Ready to Shoot ~ At 4AM!

Our security alarm went off last night (at 4am). I quickly ran to the keypad and was surprised that there was no code. Our security system manages a lot of things and always gives a code so you know which area is breached. I quickly disarmed it and looked/listened to see if anything was wrong. Then I rearmed the system, knowing that if someone were downstairs, they would trip a motion sensor and the alarm would go back on.

Sure enough, the alarm did go back on, 20 minutes later. Again, no code. So I disarmed it and grabbed our revolver. Ummm.....shouldn't I have let the alarm call the police? Maybe, but with no code there was a chance it was something else.

We have codes for each motion sensor and each door. Our security system will also alert if our phone line goes out. I had to make a judgement call. Our usual drill involves me getting the gun, securing the upstairs, and evacuating the children. But at 4am, with no obvious sounds of intruders, I decided it was best to check out the other options. Our security system is set to detect high Carbon monoxide levels, low temps (so pipes don't freeze....gotta love the north!), and sump pump overload. I was hedging my bets that it was one of these.

But either way, I grabbed our gun, loaded the clip, and cocked a bullet into the chamber. I then proceeded downstairs to clear all the doors, windows and rooms. My husband has trained me to make it around corners and shoot at first sight.

We really run drills. Since I'm home alone most nights, it's all on me. He always plays the perpetrator. He sounds the alarm, and I rush to get our gun loaded and ready to fire. If I'm too slow, he gets me. If I make a mistake on the way out of our room, he gets me.

We run the drills over and over again. Until I make it out alive. Then I evacuate the kids. All the while, he is hot on my trail. We use our real gun for all these drills (with an empty clip and chamber). I have to really shoot him when I see him. Sometimes he grabs me and fights for the gun. In all cases, he gets shot. It's scary. But for nights like last night, it has proved useful.

So I went downstairs and went in and out of rooms. I worked my way in a circle and checked in every room and corner. Then I saw a face.

It was my reflection in the bathroom mirror. Phew. But do I really look that bad at 4am? Focus! I cleared the lower level and had only the basement left to clear.

This is when I called my husband. And luckily he picked up the phone. I let him know what was going on and told him I was heading to the basement. The basement is the most likely point of entry, and also the best hiding spot for an intruder. It's dark, secluded, and would give them the better vantage point (in a shoot out).

I decided to check the doors and windows from outside first. They didn't seem to be breached. But he could have relocked it from the inside. There was nothing left to do, but head down there. I had 16 hollow point bullets in my clip and 16 at my side. If this was going to happen, it was going to happen.

I opened the basement door from the side and stood back. Then I flipped on the lights and headed downstairs, my laser sight helping to lead the way. When I reached the bottom, I quickly flipped on more lights and cleared the right side. Then I flipped on more lights and checked out every nook and cranny. Nobody! Thank goodness!

But what was triggering the alarm? It's too warm to be a temperature issue. The phone was fine. Maybe we were all being poisoned by carbon monoxide, but I don't think so. If we were, I probably would have been able to sleep.... So that left the sump pump. It wasn't overrunning with water, but I wasn't in any mood to open it up in the middle of the night.

I will open it today and take a look. It was raining in the early part of the evening and it was running. As you can guess, since I was in pure fight mode at 4am, there was no additional sleep. That's enough to make me cry, but I'm so glad nothing happened. I guess I just got some extra practice. Let's hope we never actually have to use it. And that the night time activity finally comes to an end!

By the way, the picture is not our gun. This is one of my son's toys. I know, I know...violent toys are bad!


Emelie said...

Boy that's scary! One of my biggest fears are intruders. However we don't have an alarm or a gun. I'm too afraid of guns I guess. Since having kids its gotten a lot worse. I admire that you aren't afraid, and that you do run drills. Do they ever involve your children? My husband has a friend who shot his own daughter who'd sneaked out in the middle of the night and was sneaking back in. To me, that outweighs the risk at this point.

Angela said...

Yep, our drills always involve the kids. The main assumption is that this would occur in the night so they start in their room.

They both know the drill for how to get out and they have their "jobs". My daughter's job is not to freak out, cry, or talk to me about princesses. She is to be grabbed in my left arm and taken out the window.

She's my wild card! We run drills for fire too, which luckily use the same exit strategy.

My goal is not to shoot unless I have to. I will always try to evacuate first *unless of course I have a feeling the alarm is going off for a different reason*.

I like having an alarm because it alerts us to issues, and every winter I see at least 2 toddlers/preschooolers that sleep walk out of their homes and freeze to death. If my kids were to go downstairs in the night or open a door, the alarm goes off.

They know to yell for me if that happens and it rarely does. My daughter will come to my room to see if the red light is on and will ask me to disarm if she needs something. My son can reach and disarm it himself.

I set it whenever I'm on the treadmill or otherwise occupied, so they can't just run off.

It's also helpful in other emergencies. They know that if someone ever comes in or if mom gets hurt, they are to push the police button on the keypad. My son is super responsible and he can reach all the buttons. Plus the police button is just that, a big police badge, super easy.

Having a gun in the house is pretty scary. My husband and I had been disagreeing about it for years. We only got it last year.

I hope we'll never really have to use it. :)

Mrs. B said...

I so know what you are going through. I too have had my walks around the house with a loaded gun. My husband is military and if I hear anything funny when he is deployed or gone I am out of bed with a loaded gun in 30 seconds flat, running down stairs. In our state you have to shoot the intruder at entrance. So my goal is to beat them to the door. Although, we have never had a real break in, sometimesfunny noises set me off, to search high and low....like closets, under beds, and showers. So silly.

Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

Again, I'm really happy I discovered your blog. It's a relief to read proactive, pro-protection women. Lots of similarities here - nice to know I'm not alone.

That said, out of curiosity, what kind of gun do you have, if you don't mind? I started out with a Taurus PT111, but found it too bulky to conceal well. The Man finally found me an LCP and put a laser on it, which I love. For as tiny as it is, it's surprisingly accurate. Anyway, just curious to know what other women are carrying.

Hope this evening is less eventful for you.

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