The Full Plate Diet Book ~ Free E-version

I posted here about getting the Full Plate Diet book for free. I signed up for it and it arrived today.

It was a quick read with tons of beautiful pictures. I read it with my sister and we both agreed there was solid advice in this book.

The book focuses on Fiber and gives the top 5 Fiber sources in each category (as well as the runner-ups). And then it gives recipes and suggestions on how to get these foods into your diet.

I'm not sure on the Fiber being the answer part (it's never good to focus on just one thing), but all the products they recommend are solid, natural, healthy choices. They eschew artificial sweeteners, trans fats, saturated fats...all my baddies. So I agreed with their choices!

I love these kind of books. It wasn't trying to sell me anything, no product placements, and no gimmicks. Plus such great photos. These type of books for me are like Maxim to a teenage boy. These and seed catalogs...oh the longings of spring.

The book offer is over, but you can still click here for the e-version. If you are not sure where to go with your diet and you want to healthy it up, check this out. It will give you a few great (and honest) suggestions. And it's still 100% FREE.


Amy Hanus with the Full Plate Diet said...

Thanks for talking about the Full Plate Diet. Love you blog on the apple sandwich. I'll have to try it and pass it along to the rest of the Full Plate Diet team. We too are always looking for fun things to try – plus it’s full of fiber. I'm glad you found the book to be solid advice, and it's nice to see others working toward the same mission. You’re correct; we don't want to sell you any weird bars or powders.
Best of health to you, your family, and blog followers!
Amy with the Full Plate Diet

Angela said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm honored that you would comment on my blog. I loved the book and it WAS solid advice.

It was so nice to read a book that gave REAL advice without gimmicks. Everybody knows that exercise and healthy food are the only ways to be healthy, but that almost never sells books, so people usually skirt around it. Thanks for the honest book!

Amy w/ Full Plate Diet said...

We do like to be real. I hope we have presented it in a way that seems easy for anyone. Most "diets" require you to change everything. We just want you to eat more fiber. Keep me posted on any changes or fun fiber stuff you try or like.

We also have a forum you can post any ideas for others trying to eat healthier. You can also find us on Facebook now and follow us on Twitter too.

Have a great day!
Amy w/ Full Plate Diet

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