Do you like my blog header?

Do you like my blog header? Okay....don't answer, I'm seriously sensitive. But if you like my header, I wanted to tell you where you could get your own...and cheap!

I used VCDesigns. It cost less than $30 and I got to pick any of the elements I wanted. Basically, I told her I wanted a cartoonish person, jungle animals, and lots of green. And wallah! She sent me back this header.

I like to switch things up frequently and I'm always changing the layout of my blog. It's nice to know I can quickly change my header or other design elements quickly and inexpensively.

She also made me this button. If you want to grab it, just copy the html code in the scroll box and paste it into an html gadget.
<a href=""> <img alt="" src=""/></a>
If you have trouble copying the text in the scroll box, check out the button in the sidebar and try it there.

Check out VC Designs by clicking on this link or by clicking the banner in my sidebar (it's black and pink.)


Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

I do like it. She's sassy. Looks like she's keepin' that grumpy rhino in check.

Lucy said...

I really like it!

Xenia said...

I like it! I'm heading over to check out her site now to see some more of her work...

P.S. Following you from MBC!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous! I'm going to check out her site right now.

Miss Behavin said...

Yes, it's very cute!

Stopping by from SITS to celebrate Saturday Sharefest!

Have a great weekend!

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