Do you ever feel like chucking something....

Sometimes my life gets a little crazy and I just feel like losing it. Am I totally alone in this? Well, sometimes I just want to chuck something. At someone, near someone, at the wall....anything is fine. :)

Whenever the chaos level gets a little high in our house, it's time for Dodge Ball. We have a super soft little ball that we use to play dodge ball. The only rule to the game....don't get hit.

My kids think this is a blast. I get to blow off some steam, and fun and exercise is had by all. Only use a soft/foamy ball though. Any other wouldn't be fair for your kids or your house. :) It's become so popular with my kids that they beg to play. It's now a reward for successful reading.

As an fyi, you can also play this game with dogs. When we had a dog and I was a little tense, I'd drag out all of her stuffed animals. She had a ton of recycled animals from my nieces. As soon as I'd bring out the animals, she would get so excited. I would throw them at her with wild abandon. She had so much fun and thought this was the best game ever created. If you are going to use stuffed animals, go for ones without hard eyes or accessories.

So...there you have it. A game that is fun for all! Mom gets to blow off some steam, kids get to run out some energy. So next time you have too much chaos and you're about to lose it, grab a ball. GAME ON!


remarker/fcffollower said...

What a great idea! Everyone has fun

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