Did your ancestors come through Ellis Island?

I've always wondered about where my relatives came from. My parents kept poor records and didn't ask their parents about ancestry. Unfortunately, my grandparents are long gone, but I remembered one story from my childhood. My grandfather had told me that his grandfather came from Germany.

Lucky for me, the geneology freepages had a birth record for my great-grandfather and listed a name and approximate date for his birth, 1834.

I took that information to the government archives and found my grandfather's information. He came to America in 1865, sailing from Prussia (a kingdom of Germany). As far as I can tell, he came alone. The Archives give you the option of buying more information. I think it's only $1, so I intend to go back and see what other information I can find.

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! I couldn't find any information on any of my other ancestors but it was nice to confirm an old story. :)


Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

My father's side of the family, my father included, was born in Riga, Latvia and came through Ellis Island. I signed up at Ancestry.com for a little while last year, but the only information they could really find on anyone on his side was the ship passenger log. I'll have to check out the geneology freepages you've linked to.

Emelie said...

You should try familysearch.org

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