Birthday Letters

For each of my kid's birthdays, I write them a letter. I keep them in a bound journal so all the letters are together. I write about their accomplishments that year, what they've spent their time doing, their hobbies, their favorite things, friends they made, where they went, funny things they said, their habits, and their nicknames.

I've done this ever since my son's first birthday and it's wonderful for me to go back and read because I can see that so much of their personality is really their own.

My son has been a collector of "interesting things" since he was born. And by interesting things, I mean junk. He loves bubble wrap, packing peanuts, scraps of things.... He makes collections and stores them in various places in his room. People may say it's a "phase" but I see from my letters that he has been doing this since the very beginning of his life. He's always been shy, serious, and spends a lot of time thinking. He remembers things and is easily wounded. He's never liked dancing and has always loved being outside.

These are parts of his character and someday when he's older, if he wonders why he does certain things, I hope he can look back and see that the answer is "just because". Sometimes parts of our personalities are just programmed to be how they are. They aren't good or bad, they just are.

My daughter is completely different. She's always been a talker. Even as a baby. She could speak in full sentences at 13 months and she has never stopped talking. She has always danced (or squiggled or swayed depending on the age) to music, even as a baby. She's always enjoyed music. She's always been loving and snuggly. She has always preferred to drink things like milk and juice. She doesn't take things very seriously and when she gets hurt, she forgives. This is who she is and I am so thankful for the record I have of their very unique spirits.

It really is an easy way to remember key moments in your children's lives. My recommendation would be to keep it in a bound book of some sort so that none of the letters get lost and to write them right around their birthdays so you don't forget to write it and so you don't forget the details. It's pretty easy to forget just a few months later.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!!I just had my second child. So this will help me remember all the cute things that my kids say!!

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