A beautiful night on the lake

My brother called and asked if we wanted to go out on the lake tonight. Now, ordinarily, me+boat+water=NO. I'm not a big fan of water and I usually say No to all water activities. But in the spirit of opening myself up to taking risks and having a little fun, I said "let's go".

And it was so much fun. The water was beautiful. The wind in my face was great. Seeing my babies in the back grinning from ear to ear was just priceless. I only wish my husband could have been there. He would have loved it.

I found myself thinking for the first time, that maybe living on a lake wouldn't be such a bad thing. If I could just scrounge up a few million dollars...we'd be set. :)

We went out in the evening, so we got to see a procession of sail boats making their way back to the shore after their regatta. They were so peaceful and magnificent. I added sailing to my bucket list.

I'm almost done editing that by the way, so you will see it pop up soon. I think it's important to try new things, live in the moment and challenge our bodies and minds every day. I'm constantly adding to the things I want to accomplish. Maybe you'll see something on there that you'd like to add to yours.

I also got to enjoy some freestyle running! The parking lot at the boat launch was full, so I had to park somewhere else....somewhere far away. I dropped my sister and our kids off at the water, then drove to a new parking area. Then I ran back to the water. I got to repeat the run to retreive the car. It was great. You can kind of see me in this picture running over the bridge. This is my first running picture, but I hope it won't be the last. Maybe my next one will be at the finish line (triathlon?? cut it out!)

Maybe when my kids start school, I'll have to take to running outside. There's just something about the scenery and seeing yourself make progress that makes it so much more fun. Maybe I'll finally break down and get a jogging stroller, so I can run with my daughter (aka 1mph miss daisy) while my son is at school.

Next time I get a call to go to the lake, I'll be there! And my babies were so good about wearing life jackets and staying seated. I think it's time to break out the canoe! I see a bucket list item biting the dust....


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