Add Veggies to your Tuna Sandwiches

When we eat a tuna fish sandwich (or a salmon sandwich), we make it the usual way. We mix tuna fish with miracle whip something similar. But I found that if I add diced vegetables to the sandwich, it's super tasty and my kids eat their veggies without a single complaint.

In this photo, I mixed red bell peppers and cucumbers into our sandwiches. But I've also used green peppers, celery, and carrots. I have hopes to add zucchini and cherry tomatoes this summer, but we'll see how well the garden cooperates.


Jolene said...

YUMMY! I love tuna and cucumber! Latley I have been adding slices of banana pepper from the garden into my sandwich! Makes it yummy and crunchy! :)

Angela said...

Yum...banana peppers would be awesome!

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