Weekly Grocery Shopping

This week we spent $53.33 on groceries. We saved 33.10 using coupons. To see more about how to save money grocery shopping, click here. Not a lot of fruits and veggies were on sale this week, so I didn't end up buying a lot. Thankfully our berries are ripening outside and we have plenty of frozen fruits and veggies to get us through these full priced days.

Here's what's in the picture:
1 Gallon milk
1 Dozen eggs
2 pounds of cherries
1 Watermelon
1 Canteloupe
2 packages of egg roll wrappers
2 green cabbage heads
1 purple cabbage head
3 pounds of bananas
4 cans of juice
2 cans of olives
2 loaves of whole wheat bread
2 boxes of special k crackers
6 packages of kraft natural cheese
2 no name salmon boxes
3 kotex pads
1 cucumber
1 sweet potato
1 lb of carrots

Most of our trip was just staple shopping, but I also bought a lot of ingredients to make eggrolls.


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