Weekly Grocery Shopping ~ Under $50 again!

This week I remembered my coupons! Click here to see what happens when you don't! We were able to get everything we needed this week for $46.47, a savings of $31.91 or 41%.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Any budget breakers? Maybe the cherries? Otherwise, we did pretty well this week. I realize canned whipped cream is not the most frugal or eco-friendly. Sorry....we all have our vices!

And what's up with all the chips? My husband accepted the new job and will be traveling less, so we need some things for him to snack on. And these chips, thankfully, were on sale and had only natural ingredients (no trans fats or other gunk).

If this looks low on produce, check out my last two week's here and here. Or see all my shopping here.

Want to see how I usually save big on our groceries? Click over here.


Mommy-Wise said...

I'm just browsing through my fellow couponing mommy's blogs and continue to be inspired!! I hope to one day get my grocery budget to under $50/week!! Keep up the good work!

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