"We Stalked a Lady with a Bike Trailer"

My sister-in-law called today to say "We stalked a lady with a bike trailer today....we thought she was you". Nope...I was at home. She went on to describe the lady.

She was wearing khaki shorts and a yellow cami (sounds like me so far) and long blond hair was flowing out of her helmet (this should have been a hint...I really need to get more responsible). And she was really pumping it! She was booking it with 2 kids in the bike trailer and we were sure it was you.

Two things come to my mind when she said this. First of all, I'm excited that they were so confident in my athletic ability. I'd like to be known as the one that's booking it around town, with hair flowing and muscles bulging. LOL

Second, that poor woman! I guess my brother was yelling out the window "Hey Ang!!!" and they followed her for some time. Yikes! I'd be pumping it too if I thought some weird guy was yelling out the window at me. Yowza!

I still like the idea that they thought I was trucking it with kids in tow....they must have forgot we gave away our bike trailer years ago....my kids couldn't stop fighting each other inside of it. It was a major disappointment for all.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Too funny!

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