Visiting a Chiropractor ~ Static EMG Results

We attended a free health fair this weekend and at one of the Chiropractic booths they were using static EMG to evaluate how well your nerves transmit signals. I jumped at the opportunity to have my neck evaluated. Here are my results:

White indicates healthy transmission
Green indicates a little blockage +1
Blue indicates significant blockage +2
Red indicates horrible blockage +3, Red is the worst option.

Does this make me a red-neck? LOL

For comparison, I asked my husband to get the scan. He came up all white, and one small green area in his upper neck. Hmmm.... I had no doubt that my nerves weren't transmitting properly...after all, I do lose feeling in my arms and face on a pretty regular basis.

I'm always a little leery of alternative medicine, but I didn't mention any of my issues to the doctor beforehand. And to all unknowing people, I appear healthy (but maybe a little wacky). I started wondering if maybe this doctor might be able to help, so I signed up with the Chiropractor's office for the "free appointment" advertised at the expo.

I'm going on Thursday, so I'll post what happens.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Wow, how interesting. I'd like to hear what they say/do. I've always been leary of chiropractors, but lately I've been thinking more about giving them a chance...

Jessica-MomForHim said...

BTW, LOVE the redneck comment! :-)

chiropractor nyc said...

Many people who have traditionally been skeptic of chiropractors are starting to open up to the idea.

Chiropractors take a very different approach to treating the body, and do just that, rather then focus on the disease or the symptoms itself.

Symptoms are a road map and you must follow them to find the 'cause' or the dysfunction if you want to get better.

Both chiropractic and medicine have there place and both can provide significant benefit when used properly.


Dr. Sadovnik

Robert said...

hi,I just came from the off.of a qhiropractor done the emg amplitude,in fact reflects nerve damage around my neck and lower back just acording with the pain and numbness.

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