Snap, Crackle & Pop: My Chiropractor Appointment

So I don't know what to make of my chiropractic visit. I had another EMG scan and a bunch of x-rays. I was still a red-neck (LOL), but my mid back came up entirely black. I guess there was a color worse than red, and surprisingly my lower back was green (so not that bad).

I don't know what to make of this. I was excited about the possibility that this was all in my head neck. It would make sense that my neck and lower back were causing my arm and leg numbness...and face and visual disturbances.....But what about my mid-back. According to the EMG, my thoracic spine is off the charts bad, like almost no nerve transmission. Well...if this is true, most of my internal organs should be out of control. I should basically be a corpse...walking. But I have had so many medical tests over the last year that say internally, I'm fine. Dare I say, athletic even?

I've had so many metabolic profiles run...all of them coming back with stellar results. One of my doctors assured me I had almost no risk of other autoimmune disorders, cancer, or organ damage/failure based on those results. So what gives?

If I go to the chiropractor and he heals the blockage in my mid-back, am I going to be super human? According to him, I will be so much healthier. I'll hardly get sick. I'll have so much energy. Okay, I could deal with extra energy, but seriously...ever since I cut the junk out of my diet, I haven't been sick once. Not once! Need I remind you that I frequent grocery stores, doctor's offices, playgrounds, preschools, and every other grimy place that germs hang out. And I'm lazy, so I really don't wash my hands all that well...or that often. But I feel better than I ever have before (minus the numbness, dizziness, etc). My actual body is more alive than it's ever been. I'm faster, I'm stronger, I can do handstands!!

So as I'm in his office listening to how my metabolism will increase, my body will heal itself and I'll feel better than I have in years, I'm wondering how many bottles of snake oil I'll need to buy in order to be healed. I really am horrible, but I heard him out. I let him crack my neck, back, and hips. I even signed up for an appointment next Monday.

By nature, I'm a quitter. I really am serious about trying to get better, so I'm willing to give it another go. I don't feel any better or worse after this first treatment. I had to set the next appointment for him to discuss with me an exercise plan. Why couldn't we discuss it today, I asked? Because I need you to set another expensive appointment you need a few adjustments to get your spine in the right order before you can start working it into the right shape. Barf!

I'm so googling how to fix my own neck and working from there. I'm suspicious of the middle back scan, but I will go on Monday, get cracked again, and hear about my new exercise routine. Don't doctors know that when you prescribe exercise, nobody ever does it? Oh wait, I actually do! Bring it on!

What's the worst that could happen...aside from twisting my spine way out of shape? I'm going to be out a few dollars? Okay...that's bad! Seriously though, the MRIs and tests and visits to all the other doctors have cost me alot. If I could run this away, I would, but since I can't I'm willing to give it another shot. I'll keep you posted.


Lydia said...

I've had good success with chiropracters...but then I've only gone a handful of times when I had a bum back. But I too find myself feeling skeptical of them just a little. Anxious to hear what you find out and how you feel about it after Monday.

Felix Worley said...

If you’re a little skeptical of what your current chiropractor is telling you with regards to the success of the treatment, may I suggest getting a second opinion, also from a chiropractor? Although, I myself wouldn’t be opposed to having the extra energy! With regards to not having been sick for a long time now, that’s actually great, and I hope that lasts, but just to be sure that it does, maybe a few more trips to a chiropractor wouldn’t hurt. Hey, if all goes well, you may in fact become a superhuman! I don’t think you’d be completely opposed to that, would you? Hahaha!

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