Slug Sighting

So...I don't like to kill things. Not animals, not weeds....nothing. I constantly transplant "weeds" and other plants to the forest where they will be safe from all of my husband's perfect lawn ideals. It drives my husband crazy. But honestly, when I'm in the garden I feel forced to choose between life and death on a regular basis.

I pick weeds out of the garden all the time. If I know what they are, I transplant them. If not, I pick them and run away. I can't look back. I know that's crazy but I don't really like having that power to decide. And it's worse with animals. And yes...bugs are animals. And yes, fish are animals!! I just had to get that off my chest. I grew up Catholic and Fridays were meatless, but fish was allowed. Fish is meat! I hate bugs eating my garden, but I can't squish them.

I usually relocate them...often to a spot where I know they won't make it back (oh the humanity!), but still I relocate. And I've been researching all the predator bugs online. You have got to check that out! They are freaky, fighting soldiers! So I welcome them and do not relocate any of the predator bugs. I sometimes see them in action, but often just take care not to step on them. But today, I saw something horrible....a slug. Not a cute little snail like you see on cartoons.

This was a big, gooey, rubbery, slimy, grayish, huge like a peanut, slug. What could I do about him? I was not going to touch him, and I was not going to kill him, but he had to move. I moved him to the sidewalk on a raft made of woodchips. Now, I'm not such a fool that I don't realize a slug on the sidewalk on a hot July day, doesn't stand much of a chance, but maybe, just maybe he was able to get somewhere safe....safely away from the garden.

I can't have slugs in the garden, but what's an organic girl to do? Birds might eat a few slugs, but slugs usually come out at night when birds can't see them. They have to keep their slimy bodies...well, moist. Plus, birds and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye. So, here is our anti-slug solution.

We crushed up egg shells and placed them around the scene of the crime...the strawberries. Why is everyone always after the strawberries? Answer...because the raspberries aren't ripe yet. Not funny. Will this keep the slugs away? Maybe or maybe not. They don't like to crawl their slimy little (well huge) bodies over sharp things so maybe they will stay away. If not, at least the egg shells with decompose....eventually, speaking from composting experience, I know they take a long time to break down.... and they will provide calcium and lighten up our clay soil...a bit. I'm just hoping I don't find anymore slugs.


Jessica-MomForHim said...

Somewhere I read to put eggshells around tomato plants...I can't remember why, but it seemed like an easy thing to do, so I did it. Don't know if it'll make any difference, but like you said, eventually they'll break down and hopefully help out my soil a bit.

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