Should we take our kids to Italy?

Juice box Jungle asked me to write a post about spoiling children. Check out their video below about spoiling entitled "You're not so special".

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This is a topic that my husband and I debate frequently. We can afford to give our kids so much more than we ever had, but should we? When I was a child, we had a bike and a back yard. And we played and played. Was it boring? Sure...sometimes. But then you learn to use your own imagination.

And the best part....things are so much more fun when you get to do them as an adult. I first learned to rollerblade as an adult. And it's my favorite thing to do!

There are so many things I never got to do as a child, that I look forward to now. I enjoy them now, I appreciate them and anticipate them.

As a kid, I remember getting a Christmas catalog, circling everything I wanted, then focusing on one special item. I would usually get that gift at Christmas and it was so much more special when you waited for it. Or if I didn't get it, I saved my money until I had enough and then bought it myself.

Things that are earned mean so much more...just like things that are waited for. Good things come to those who wait! That's why we only give our kids gifts at Christmas and birthdays

In my opinion, life can get a little drab. Setting goals and achieving those goals make life a lot of fun. So while I think about taking our children with us to Italy or Alaska, I wonder if taking them now will deprive them of that goal later on...when they'll really appreciate it.

So my question...should we take our children to Italy, Alaska, Hawaii...anywhere? In the past, we've brought them with us. But is that spoiling? Obviously, there's something to be said for a vacation alone with your spouse, but what about seeing the world?

I love to travel the world and thankfully...we have a lot of airline miles. We are planning a trip to Italy soon (wahoo!) and would like to know if you think taking our kids would be spoiling them.

They are 3 and 4 (almost 5). I know they won't appreciate it the same way we do, and they most likely won't remember it (years down the road), but isn't exploring other cultures and countries important even at this age? What do you think? Is it spoiling? We're planning to bring along a that spoiling?? LOL


Anonymous said...

Bringing the Grandparent is spoiling the Grandparent! I wish my children would bring me to Italy!

Rose said...

i think they should stay home with a granmma, just not the one from your other post

Anonymous said...

I think if you can financially bring your children to Italy, and you really think they would enjoy and remember it, AND they are at an age where they won't limit what events and activities you and your husband are planning, then bring them.

If they don't fit those requirements, then they must stay home...with a reliable sitter.

Youngest said...

I do not think it is spoiling. They would see it as a special time they got to spend with mom and dad vs. their everyday life. They too will look forward to the event. Sorta like a yearly family vacation. Like when the kids are in school, you all could look forward to a getaway together in the summertime or over winter break. Being a mother of two, I could not imagine not letting my children see the wonderful things that are seen on a vacation. Even if they are young, they can one day look at the scrapbook pages of the wonderful times you ALL had as a family. It is nice to have alone time with your spouse, but while the kids are in your house, you are a family... and I believe vacations should be for the family. And given the current situation - where your children only get gifts two times per year - taking them along on a vacation would definitely not be spoiling. And honestly, even if anyone thought it was spoiling - who cares what they think - I am sure the fun you all have as a family and the no worries about childcare, what the kids are eating, if the children are being neglected and bored out of their minds, etc. would TOTALLY make it worth it to bring them along. I vote for taking the kids with you to Italy. And if you are bringing a grandparent, that parent should be able to watch the kids one evening (most likely while they are sleeping in the hotel) so you and your spouse can go out on the town.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take them. You will have more fun by yourself. Your kids are too little.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's spoiling, however, I also don't see a need to bring the children along. They definately won't enjoy it, appreciate it, remember much of it, and probably won't get much out of it. As much as you love your kids, it would be a perfect time to grow closer to your spouse, just the two of you. Your kids would probably have just as much fun, if not MORE fun, staying at a family/close friends house while you're gone. Sometimes just getting the time away from the responsibility of children will make you cherish the time you have with them when you get back. Maybe when they are older, preteen/teens, would be a better time to take them on such a trip. Hope my comment was helpful! =)

Anonymous said...

If you can afford to, I would. Imagine how amazing it would be as a kid.

Angela said...

Thank you for all your comments! I appreciate all the differing opinions! Please keep 'em coming!

Julie said...

Take them! They will love it!

Misty J said...

Please don't take this the wrong way but I wouldn't have any fun if my kids came with me out of the country. For what its worth.

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